Customer Testimonials

Your SmartTech from your SmartSupport team fixed my computer Saturday; he did an awesome job! He is a real asset to your organization. He spent an hour on the phone and then another couple of hours fixing the problem and then give my computer a tune up. ...view more

~ Scott P

I’d just like to mention to you that the customer service I experienced on my service call with your SmartSupport technician was exceptional. He was quick, knowledgeable, friendly and resolved my issues in a most professional and efficient manner. I’ve been in IT since the ’80s and the SmartSupport te ...view more

~ Joe B

First off, the SmartSupport team is a huge asset to your company! Their level of professionalism, enthusiasm, and knowledge really impressed me. I was a little skeptical about calling an 800 number, letting someone remote access my machine, but SmartSupport was more than willing to do whatever it takes to make me a sat ...view more

~ Owen M

After hours of browsing on another computer I found STOPzilla. I called and talked with an iS3 representative and purchased STOPzilla (lifetime) and an annual Smart Support agreement. Within a few minutes I was talking with a SmartSupport tech and he went to work. He got rid of SF2012 and attended to the collateral d ...view more

~ Larry L

I truly want to thank the SmartSupport team for all of their hard work, patience, dedication, and the great customer service all of the technicians provided and devoted to resolving my multiple computer problems by restoring it back as though the problem had never happened… I was given a sense of security and reassur ...view more

~ Joe H

April 29th was a very rough day but your tech April saved it for me. I decided to unstall Norton which came with my machine when I bought it, and install McAfee which wasn’t going to be an easy experience. I knew Norton had horrible support and I was to learn that McAfee was just as bad, but thanks to April it al ...view more

~ Robert

Thank you very much for your help. Your customer service receives an A+ rating from me for all your polite help. Sincerely ...view more

~ Laszlo T

Renee, Per our conversation with you today. I just wanted to thank you again for all of Miguel’s help. He was on the phone with me for 3 1/2 hours!! He was very patient and explained a lot. It is very nice to be treated with respect especially when you are so frustrated with stuff you do not understand. So my tha ...view more

~ Keri

Dear April, I was able eventually to download the link from my desktop. Please accept my apologies for holding you up so long this morning.I mainly use my computer to access information from the internet and email,so when I’m trying to do something different I get myself in a mess. Again, a million thanks for all ...view more

~ Shirley

Your SmartTech was very friendly and efficient handling my computer problem today. You did a job that deserves six gold stars on a scale of one to five!! ...view more

~ Robert M

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how helpful both of your SmarTechs were yesterday regarding my issue with Smart Fortress. I got infected by opening up an email that said from USPS. I agreed to sign up for the one year service and one of your SmartTechs was able to address the issue. The problem took some ...view more

~ Jeffrey H

I had an issue with my computer tonight and your SmartTech worked on my laptop. He did an outstanding job communicating with me and quickly resolving my issues. Your SmartTech has the right personality along with the knowledge and excellent communications skills. I rarely write recommendations like this! ...view more

~ Romualdo F

I request that you formally recognize your SmarTech for his excellent performance. He serviced my computer on April 30, 2012, and also earlier today. He demonstrated superior technical knowledge, a professional yet personable demeanor, and integrity in completing every single task he promised to complete. I am a firm ...view more

~ Sandra S

I became your customer yesterday and after an extensive effort on behalf of your SmartTech I simply had to cut the young man off from doing any additional repairs. I purchased a maintenance program and I feel the work is past exemplary. Thank you for your support! ...view more

~ Clarence A

I want to report on how superior the service was with one of your SmartTechs. At the beginning of this month, STOPzilla was not working properly and the problem was more complicated than I could help. After the SmartTech solved the issue I was able to see for myself how qualified this person really is. I want to report ...view more

~ Mario B

I wanted personally thank you for your time and effort last night in solving my virus problem. I have ran several STOPzilla scans and they are all coming up clean and my computer is working properly. Thanks for your assistance and the great customer support. ...view more

~ Wayne R

I will just say that I have never had support like I have had from the Techs at STOPzilla. I have received the best possible care from all the Techs I spoke with. They never gave up on me or my computer, and went, an extra mile in order to solve my concerns and issues. They were patient and thorough in everything the ...view more

~ Judy, W

I wish to tell you of an experience I had with your SmartTech. I was very impressed with his manner and attention to detail. He was so helpful, polite, and thorough, while he was helping me with my account. I have told my friends at work and other associates about him and given them his telephone number so they can ...view more

~ Michael S

On Monday, June 4th at 9pm my computer went bloomy. I called your company and I talked with your SmartTech who worked on my machine over night. The next morning the computer still needed help. Over the next week I dealt with techs in India (most frustrating; dealing with their patronizing attitudes). By Saturday I wa ...view more

~ Kathryn W

I just wanted to say thank you for the help that was provided to myself and my partner from two members of your staff. First spoke to your Tech on your live chat system who was very courteous and although he could not help me initially he got another member of your staff to call me back in the UK. I was extremely pleas ...view more

~ Malcolm C and Lauren M

Thank you so much for having your SmartTech providing my PC Clean Up service. He was very kind and efficient, I don’t know when was the last time I have ever been so pleased with a service provided by a company. I look forward by receiving SmartSupport services again if needed in the future. ...view more

~ Edward J

Your service and products are truly superior to all ...view more

~ Steve S

I got myself in a mess two days ago and called your service. My case was referred to your SmartTech who worked over 4 hours to help me. We both thought it was OK but after we hung up I discovered STOPzilla was not working so I called him back the next morning and he reinstalled it for me. I appreciate the time and effo ...view more

~ Robert G

The service I have received from SmartSupport has been excellent in all aspects! ...view more

~ Richard M

I think you guys saved me about $1,000 today. ESET32NOD my current anti-virus program which I’ve used for a few years and respect, identified a severe threat malware, Sirefef.FB but could not clean it. My little Toshiba laptop is about 6 years old and only had about 30G available and I was planning to buy anothe ...view more

~ Mike H

Many thanks. There I was with IE browser claiming no add-ons activated and every time I went to a bank website it said go to Mozilla. That browser claimed I had to enter all my credit card data in. (Turns out the IP was going to somewhere in Russia). Two scans with STOPzilla and a reboot of the computer, I am back to n ...view more

~ RR

I had (probably for the first time on the internet), a delightful experience working through a problem with one of your SmartTechs. He is knowledgeable, clear and patient.  I am a 60+ year old retired man who would’ve loved to work with people like him. Please reward him, he sold me a year subscription for SmartSupp ...view more

~ Richard J

I would like to mention that I had excellent technical support from your STOPzilla Tech ...view more

~ Hubert M

Wanted to thank your SmartTech for the great job he did fixing my computer. It’s almost like brand new! I’m glad I connected with SmartSupport. ...view more

~ Elisabeth D

I contacted SmartSupport Friday evening because my computer was infected by the platinum live virus. Your SmartTech who remotely worked on my computer was thorough, personable, informative and effective. Because of him I purchased the PC Tools Protection program and I will continue to contact your organization when I h ...view more

~ Patricia S

I have used STOPzilla for a few years and trust it to protect my computer. I have purchased a new laptop and was interested in extending my coverage to include my new computer and he gave me many options and guidance. Your Tech is a true expert and a kind person and took the time to ask questions and get to understand ...view more

~ Roy H

I would just like to say a huge thank you to each and every member of your staff who were so polite and professional and the way your business is ran is clearly exception to the rule. Your SmartTech understand the customer’s needs and acted accordingly and saved me from losing money if not my business, thank you. T ...view more

~ Alan H

I just had STOPzilla installed and had some questions about the installation process and your Tech was very helpful ...view more

~ B.L.

I was so pleased with the tune-up and software download on my computer today by your SmartTech. Your service was truly fantastic. It seems my computer is once again running like new! ...view more

~ James M

I would like to thank your SmartTech for all the work he did on my computer to get it up and running. My Customer Care Rep helped me more than you know, as I told you I am computer illiterate and I wasn’t kidding. Thanks for helping me with the set up for STOPzilla, that will protect my two computers. Your techni ...view more

~ Arnold R

I am thrilled with the immediacy and the amazing technical help I received today by STOPzilla. It is the absolute best, you have the most courteous, responsive and professional personnel in your company. I use your software on my computer, my wife’s and my computer at work. I will put it in the gas tank of my tr ...view more

~ Brad D

After a couple of weeks chatting with your support team the Trojan Win 32 is gone. Thanks to all the people on your support team. I will tell friends about STOPzilla. ...view more

~ Gerry K

I would like to personally thank your company for providing excellent and prompt service in the diagnosis and removal of a computer virus. I worked closely with your SmartTech, I have been very impressed with his skills and promptness in the resolution of my problems. I fully intend to pass on your company’s name ...view more

~ Adam W

I want to express my sincere THANKS to my Personal Care Representative. I have never been treated better. I had trouble with my computer; called him and he immediately started taking care of my problem, got me in touch with a SmartTech who fixed my PC. What a pleasure in todays world (where there is no service) to deal ...view more

~ Tommy D

I had many difficult problems with my computer until I was fortunate enough to get your SmartTech. He was kind, courteous, encouraging, and very knowledgeable; unlike some others. He is not only gifted with computers but also a people person. I was about to go nuts but he handled me and my computer like a true profess ...view more

~ Stan V

I really like this software for my computer. Now I see that it also includes anti-virus. Thank you so much for upgrading the software to do more functions, so I no longer need other protection against malware or viruses. ...view more

~ Rose W

I love the new look, very professional ...view more

~ Walt

I was unemployed for a year and half because of the loss of my brother. I finally started working at the end of July with an international electronic chemical consulting firm. In order to familiarize myself with their services, I needed to review several documents (PowerPoint) online. To my horror, I discovered the doc ...view more

~ Audrey P

Your customer service responses are always so quick. You have once again confirmed why I am so very satisfied with your products and service. ...view more

~ Kay F

I am glad to say the problems with Resisting Trojan I experienced recently with my computer have been solved – by STOPzilla. Thank you for caring! ...view more

~ Gunnar B

I know that this is going to sound corny but whenever the pop-up that tells me that STOPzilla has been updated I feel as I have nothing to worry about online. Just wanted to thank you for the protection you offer me ...view more

~ Kim

I just wanted to let you know that your Tech Support helped me out this morning in with the installation of STOPzilla on my husband’s computer.  He was GREAT!!!, pleasant, and an enormous help. ...view more

~ Linda L

I am a new customer and I am very impressed with your SmartTech’s patience, kindness and knowledge of the computer world. He is respectful and well mannered. Your company will surely grow and move forward with employees like him.   ...view more

~ Judith H

It is very nice to speak with a young man who says “Yes M’am”. In addition to being extremely polite and very accommodating, my SmartTech was very professional and did the job efficiently. He deserves to be commended. ...view more

~ Aleksandra B

I contracted the Win 7 Total Security virus, to the point that I couldn't boot up my computer. I was getting Blue Screens. I was able to boot into the Safe Mode. I tried the anti virus program I subscribed to and tried a free trial of another popular product. None of them had any positive affect. I tried STOP ...view more

~ John H
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